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Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love And Use

Let's face it, mothers deserve to be celebrated every day, but in case you've been looking for the perfect gift and have had no luck, these favorite go-to items of women all around will be a great way to say, "thanks mom," and may even get you some brownie points.

For the moms who need more self care, The Jade Roller is a new favorite to those looking for a beauty routine that makes them look younger and less stressed.

The Jade Roller




For the moms who need their coffee, the Ninja Speciality Coffee maker is a must have in the kitchen - from 5 different brew styles including: lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, iced coffees and regular brews, your mom may never need to go to Starbucks again.

Specialty Coffee Maker




For the mom who loves luxury and dress-up, this Chanel lipstick is the perfect gift for mom, and, even better... its fairly cheap.

Rouge Coco Hydrating Lipstick




For the mom who loves drinking wine, hosting parties, or decorating her kitchen with glassware, Crate and Barrel has a wide array of wine glasses, carafes, champagne glasses, martini glasses and more.

Wine & Cocktail glasses

Crate and Barrel


$4.25 - 129.99

For the mom who loves to cook, if she doesn't already have a KitchenAid mixer, she will love and appreciate one. For all of those homemade cakes and cookies she has made you over the years, this mixer will let her keep doing that in an easier and messier way.

KitchenAid Classic 4.5qt Stand Mixer




For the moms who love comfort, UGG's new Cotton Terry Knit robe is a hot hit. This short comfortable robe is perfect for a cozy night, or even day in.

Lorie Terry Short Robe






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